Logo E-Project
The collaborative platform E-Project stuctures, tracks the financial and documentary exchanges making easier the monitoring and the management of your construction and design projects.

Business modules adapted to every stage of your project

You would like to :
  • Limit the re-rentry of data between all the project actors
  • Avoid the errors because of the re-entry of data
  • Reliables data based on calculations respecting the Public Procurement Code
  • Reduce your delays and the information treatments cost
  • Have an overall vision in real time about the progress of the project
  • Make your payments more reliable
  • Avoid the defaults interests and facilitate your work
The collaborative platform E-Project helps you at every step and allows you to manage your market with a global view, providing you time and money gains :

Plate-forme collaborative E-Project Gestion électronique documentaire

The E-Project EDM collaborative platform is specialized in the management and the sharing of information or documents in the construction projects. It establishes validation workflows of the documents.

Plate-forme collaborative E-project Gestion Financière informatisée

E-Project-FIM®, shares the financial information in a confidential manner in SaaS mode for operations with over 200 markets. 
E-Project-FIM® assures the respect of the calculations rules applicables according to the regulation (Public Procurement Code, the diferent GCC, financial and accounting regulation…)

Plate-forme collaborative Eproject Mobile création et levée de réserves

The PRO software of management E-PRO allows the intervention management via the creation and the lifting reservations on touch tablet and mobiles by integrating photos, sounds, annotated plans, etc…. The PRO management, arduous and time-consuming is facilitated at its maximum.

Why E-Project® ?

  • Bring the stakeholders together

    Manage better the multiples actors and their diferent objectives.

  • Manage better the projects

    Optimize the management and tracking of the diferent projects in order to reduce the costs

  • Manage the documents to be produced

    Manage and share the rising number of document to be produced with constraints related to the project : deadlines, security of the visitors, etc…

  • Manage better the delays and the tracking

    Optimize the delays and the quality of the information exchanges and to assure their tracking.

  • Provide a database

    Deliver a reliable database of the documents of the project, usable for the developments

  • Manage better the later works

    Validate the quality of the documents in order to perform later works management (wealth management, etc..).