Plate-forme collaborative de gestion budgétaire et prévisionnelle
E-Project integrates a previsionnal budgetary management with a pluri-annual management regarding the commitments and the expenses in order to manage to the better the cost tracking.
The system allows to perform a follow up of the project and to establish forecasts on cash flow requirements useful to engineers.


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Commitments and expenses management

Estimate the expenses
  • E-Project allows to follow the develoment of the estimates since the early stages and by integrating supplies all along the project and the additionnal works in construction phase.

  • E-Project allows to associate a development curve at all the markets, commitments, order forms, OS, and to consolidate the previsionnal forecasts at different hierarchical levels.

  • The cash flow forecasts are provided by a parametric curves system or by the integration of companies forecasts.

Interactive graphics

Interactive graphics offer an immediate view on expenses by integrating the concept of risks and forecasts

Reporting and dashboards

Very powerful customized reporting and dashboards allow a perfect follow-up of the project and its progress

Activity report

E-Project identifies the financial estimates from “date to date” in order to find the costs evolution et their causes

Budgetary management

E-Project records current or upcoming commitments, current expenses and performs the follow-up of the project with expenses development

Towards GBCP

E-Project performs a multi-year forecast management. The forecasts calculations are automatically linked to expenses

Forecast management integrated

E-Project evaluates the coming costs according to real expenses, makes forecasts and cash-flow needs per month, trimester and year