Gestion financière

The dashboards and financial reporting are essentials for the importants projects management in order to perform comparisons from specific dates and to follow the developments of every project.
E-Project provides dashboards management that allow, with a small sample of indicators, to follow the development of the projects and the gaps compared to the reference values.


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Dashboards and follow-up tools

Follow the developments of every project
  • E-Project provides all the dashboards and financial reports and the editions :
    – Monthly reports and deposit statements
    – Advanced calculations of the holder and revisions statements
    – Follow up sheet of the invoices to the business people, co-contractor and subcontractor.

  • E-Project provides graphics editions on all the markets and situations data.

  • E-Project produces monitoring tables of the markets, the commitments and the tracking of the progress according to various factors.

  • E-Project provides the change in the balance and its cash flow in order to validate if the financial resources are well calibrated.

  • Thanks to its previsionnal module and associated graphics, E-Project establishes if the final cost of the operation is compatible with the initial commitments.

The right decision

The manager focuses on the most significants indicators in order to take the right decision

Impact of change

Possibility to know at any moment the real cost, original fair value, of an operation who may last over several years

Follow-up and indicators

Dashboards regularly updated with valuable indicators to anticipate and correct the differences

Powerful graphics

All the editions are completed by configurable graphics which can be inserted in the documents


Advanced forecasts

E-Project integrates predictive markets management and allows to identify the financial needs during all the entire project

Standardised editions

Editions are shared by all the actors in real time in order to get the same level of knowledge