Gestion documentaire

The E-Project EDM collaborative platform is specialized in the management and the sharing of information or documents in the construction projects.


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The documentary management platform

Share and exchange information

  • E-Project EDM allows to build the files of the renderings and the BIM basis information

  • E-Project EDM is a federating tool for all the actors

  • E-Project EDM keeps the versions of the documents and tracks all the actions on the project

  • The user identifies immediately the last version of a document

  • The E-Project exchange platform allows to visualize and to annotate the files stored with the format Office, OpenOffice, Autocad, etc…La plate-forme d’échange E-project GED permet de visualiser, d’annoter les fichiers stockés en format Office, OpenOffice, autocad, etc…

  • E-Project EDM assures the validation delays thanks to the tracking dashboards .

No installation, ready to use

Accessible without an installation on all systems and web browsers (Windows, MAC, Ipad, etc..)

Quick and simple access

Classification and indexing functions for a quick and efficient access

Powerful functions

Index management, configurable codification of documents, validation management

Configurable, customizable

System easily and fully configurable

Validation process

Process validation adapt to teams working methods and assure dunning

System for online visualization

To visualize, annotate and print online the files stored in Office, Open Office, Autocad format, etc