The E-DWG® assures a graphic charter check in real time and the quality of the graphics documents given by the companies and the design offices.
E-DWG® is essential for the creation of a quality documentary base for a powerful asset management.


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The quality of the renderings with E-DWG

Graphic charter check in real time
  • The charters definition : layers, and blocks per lot, colors and  types of policies, units, is performed via an import of external Excel tables.

  • The centralisation of the controles allows to edit the graphic charter in only one operation for all the actors.

  • A report identifies the non-compliant elements with the charter and is sent by email.

  • The E-DWG® system extracts the information of the cartridges in order to optimize the computing synthesis of the plans.

Synthesis optimisation

E-DWG makes easier the computing synthesis missions et assures the quality of the previews DOE

Cartridges extraction

The E-DWG system extracts automatically the information of the cartridges and Autocad presentations

Errors identification

The errors are clearly identified with an error report sent by email

Immediate treatment

The treatment launches in real time since the creation of the document

Very simple configuration

Easy and simple configuration of the graphic charter with the help of checkboxes