Gestion financière

E-Project FIM is the best way to dematerialize the public works contracts invoices towards the State or the local authorities through Chorus Pro 2017, by integrating an innovating approach.


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Process the works situations

The dematerialization of the works invoices

  • E-Project FIM calculates and edits the various amounts of the deposit statements from the financial conditions of the markets.

  • The company imports the works progress, E-Project FIM edits and broadcasts the elements towards the public accountants.

  • E-Project allows to control at every stage the validation of the services performed and to edit the accounting documents according to the modifications made by every actor.

  • E-Project reminds automatically the actors and controls the deadlines in order to avoid all late payment.

  • The E-Project-GFI® system interfaces with the financial management tools used by the administrations to communicate the data or the supporting documents.

  • E-Project facilitates the transition to the dematerialization of works invoices and supporting documents towards Chorus Portail Pro. The connection to the E-Project FIM system is made thanks to the API mode.

Real time follow-up

The companies know at every moment where is the invoice and its payment, without having to question the Project Manager

Compatible Chorus Pro 2017

E-Project goes with Chorus Pro 2017 in API mode to dematerialize the markets invoices for the year 2017

An immediate return on investment

Our customers find an immediate return on their investment in E-Project

Support and reactivity

Our experts teams assist you during your projects in order to help you and to answer at all your questions

Integrated to the financial system

Thanks to its full-Web technology, E-Project allows to assure the gateway between the the whole parts of your financial information system

Increase reliability of financial documents

E-Project reduces the amount of administrative work and increases the reliability of the calculations and the editions