gestion financière des marchés

E-Project-FIM responds to engineers demand of having a reliable solution for the financial management of the markets in order to manage situations and operations.
E-Project-FIM®, shares the financial information in a confidential manner in SaaS mode for operations with over 200 markets. 
E-Project-FIM® assures the respect of the calculations rules applicables according to the regulation (Public Procurement Code, the diferent GCC, financial and accounting regulation…)


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A tracking and financial markets management service

Available in a protected Cloud
  • E-Project® FIM calculates and edits the diferents financial amounts appearing in the deposit statements with financial conditions specific to the markets.

  • E-Project® FIM assures the financial markets management and the financial computing validation of the data related to the contracts execution (markets,  amendments, OS, situations, documents annexed…)

  • E-Project® allows to reference, exchange and follow by computer the financials contract documents of the works operation (markets, amendments, decisions of pursue, services orders, financials situations, DGD, diferent follow-up tables),

  • E-Project® FIM is the central tool of administrative and financial process management thanks to its validation process : situations, price schedules, DPGF, order formsetc…

  • E-Project®-GFI produces entire editions of billing and monitoring :monthly statement, state of the revisions, advances… the financial tracking dashboards are available to everybody in real time.

Collaboration and sharing

The sharing of invoices information assures a time gain and a better collaboration between the actors

Costs reduction

E-Project FIM reduces from 80 % the treatments time and the administrative and mailing expenses

A high level experts team

The entire team of our company are experts in the construction field and financial management

Transfer towards your accounting

E-Project allows the transfer of financial information towards your accounting system (markets, invoices, situations) in order to avoid the re-entry of the data

Reporting and dashboards

Very powerful customized reporting and dashboards allow a perfect follow-up of the project

Increase reliability of financial documents

E-Project FIM increases the reliability and the security of the financial calculations and normalizes the billing documents editions