Gestion documentaire

E-Project allows to initiate and follow the validation process.
The validation process determines the role of the actors and the deadlines of the steps.


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Validation workflows

Specific set-up according to the project
  • The construction management software E-Project EDM assures the validation of the documents in a timely manner and tracks the delays to react the sooner.

  • E-Project EDM stamps automatically the documents in the validation process to identify the usable documents on the construction site.

  • The validation process are completely configurable according to the nature or the sender of the document. All the information of the documentary file may arise.

  • E-Project EDM provides control indicators with boards and tracking graphics of visas according to the defined deadlines..

Identify the documents

The documents coming from the platform are automatically stamped, according to their status in order to be recognized on the construction site

Real time collaboration

A better collaboration between the actors on the documents

Connection with your email

The system communicates with people by targeted emails

Mobilize the right people

The validation process are completely configurable

Planning project compliance

To assure the validation of the documents and identify the delays to react as soon as possible

Control indicators

Reports of production progress related with the OPC previsionnal