This is the ideal tool for the engineers and the projects managers. It exists today a real competition for this kind of financial compuing management (FIM) but nowadays and because I tried others I can say that the FORMI’s tool E-Project is the one that brought me the greatest satisfaction especially on the following essentials points : Ergonomy, Contracts management, Quality and time gain, Reliability.

IUCT Oncopole – Toulouse

The software meets the requirements regarding the Public Procurement Code. Very good reactivity of the Hot Line team. For the projects managers as the engineers , there is a good view of the whole contrats of the project, with an easy access to all the details of every contract. All the market developments and situations are completely tracked. The electronic invoices with online validation allows to avoid any delays due to postal delivery. The possibility of having two situations in the same time in the validation process is a valuable asset. Good ergonomy.


Our various requests of improvements are always taken in account as much as possible according to others users ! Available and very reactive to find a solution when we are facing a problem.

Groupe 38

E-Project is a easy to use tool with a warm and friendly environment ; the waiting time for the deposits and/or the downloads of documents is fast. The FORMI’s team is very reactive in case of failure.