Cenovia – E-Project GED

L’avantage principal de E-Project GED est la centralisation des documents concernant le projet, en cela je suis satisfait. Il correspond bien à nos besoins. Quant à la disponibilité de l’équipe de Formi, je suis pleinement satisfait. L’équipe est très réactive et est force de proposition quand le besoin se fait…


Tramway Grenoble – Madame Nicolas

The use of the collaborative platform E-Project saved us some time and a better autonomy. Thanks to calculations launched automatically by respecting the Public Procurement Code, we have a close attention to details of services performed and a better vision of the work progress.

Madame Isabelle Porhiel

The takeover of the collaborative platform “E-Project” is very fast for the market holders and the Projects Managers. Moreover, it is the assurance of having a common, shared and protected access to an reliable and unique information .

Amina Rocci

FORMI SA has a very reactive team, with a software which follows perfectly the regulations of the Public Procurement Code. It will be hard for me to manage my future projects without the E-Project platform.