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Understand BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a working method applied more and more in the building sector. It helps in the planning of works, controls the construction, allows to identify the errors quickly, as well as to visualize the progress of the works.

It intervenes from the programming of a construction project to the demolition of the building, or its reuse.

The BIM uses the 3D digital model, or digital twin, as a center for information exchange between the various stakeholders in the project. All the data collected by the various actors are thus gathered on a single interface, accessible by the various trades. This web-hosted model represents the physical and functional characteristics of the building.

For eProject, BIM is above all about sharing, visualization and collaborative work around the digital model. eProject allows the sharing of “problems” around the digital model between the different actors using the BCF format.

Thanks to the power of the eProject platform, you will be able to share all the information of your digital mockup and get the most out of your BIM strategy.

BIM collaboration platform


What does BIM do for you?


Use of information for maintenance, facility management, renovations and deconstruction

Quality improvement

Verification of the functional and environmental criteria of a project, respect of the standards in force (RE2020), better collaboration between the actors

Cost reduction

Real-time cost estimation, work efficiency, resource optimization

The eProject platform



eProject integrates the BIM solution of its partner BIM Track with a direct API connection between the two platforms.

On a single interface, find collision detection, comments and questions from project stakeholders. BIM Track checks the consistency of the data entered and avoids information collisions automatically.

At the end of the project, you can export all your data and batches of forms to other management systems in Excel, PDF, A4, A3 formats.

Web viewer

Easily access the digital models of your project directly online. The visualization of the models is intuitive and allows you to integrate the graphics of the premises as well as the layers of your building: architecture, techniques, fluids.

All updates are available on eProject and BIM Track in real time.

An effortless construction site management?

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