Platform of electronic document management for your construction projects


A collaborative platform of documentary dematerialisation in real time specialized in the construction sector


Collaborative applications to manage your projects : from the development to the maintenance

Dematerialisation of technical and financial modules for projects of any sizes

Advices and support at all steps of your project from our expert staff

dématérialisation des documents

Construction projects management and business solutions in the Cloud

Documentary management dedicated to construction projects
Collaborative BIM platform
Workflows and powerful validations
File viewer multi-format
Secure hosting in France

E-Project EDM

Specialized platform in management and sharing information and construction projects management and BIM model management.

dématérialisation des factures

Invoices for work dematerialisation and contracts follow-up

Financial contracts management in the Cloud
Budgetary and draft management
Powerful financial dashboards
Documentary dematerialisation of construction invoices compatible with Chorus Pro 2017
Electronique signature and audit trails management

E-Project FIM

Computer processing of works status in a private and secure manner.
Dematerialisation of publics markets construction invoices compatible with Chorus Pro 2017

gestion des interventions

Intervention management mobile app and PRO

Projects management on the move
Your plans always available on your mobile apps
Centralised observations and PRO
Data entry from a tablet and broadcasting to companies


Data entry of observations and notes via a graphic tablet and automatic transfer on the E-Project platform : broadcasting towards companies

Business and financial modules for projects of any sizes and multi-sector.

Témoignages de nos clients
Construction A63
Construction A63Vinci Autoroute - E-Project EDM
The use of E-Project allows to make more reliable the relations between the MOA and the Project Manager and to improve the tracking of the communications. Moreover, it can be used upstream. Its ergonomy is neat and thanks to the coaching performed by the Formi SA's team, its use is very easy to takeover.
Tramway and BHNS Le Mans
Tramway and BHNS Le MansCenovia - E-Project EDM
The main benefit of E-Project EDM is the centralization of the documents relating to the project, I'm really satisfied about this. It matches with our needs. Regarding to the disponiblity of the Formi's team, I'm completely satisfied. The team is very reactive and proactive when it is needed. 
Tramway of Grenoble (Line B and E)
Tramway of Grenoble (Line B and E)Egis - E-Project FIM
The E-Project platform has a lot of features, allowing the limitation of paper documents and the reduction of the delays. The customer support is available, attentive and takes into account the feedback from users.
Tramway of Montpellier
Tramway of MontpellierTAM - E-Project GFI
FORMI SA has a very reactive team, with a software which follows perfectly the regulations of the Public Procurement Code. It will be hard for me to manage my future projects without the E-Project platform. 
Bretagne Très Haut Débit
Bretagne Très Haut DébitMégalis Bretagne - E-Project EDM and FIM
The takeover of the collaborative platform "E-Project" is very fast for the market holders and the Projects Managers. Moreover, it is the assurance of having a common, shared and protected access to an reliable and unique information .
Tramway of Grenoble (Line B and E)
Tramway of Grenoble (Line B and E)Groupe 38 - E-Project GFI
The use of the collaborative platform E-Project saved us some time and a better autonomy. Thanks to calculations launched automatically by respecting the Public Procurement Code, we have a close attention to details of services performed and a better vision of the work progress.
Tunnel of Puymorens
Tunnel of Puymorens
The platform E-Project makes easier the communication between the Project Manager and the MOA. This is a very good tool for the design department. Besides, it makes more reliable the verification phase (intelligent DOE) and we are sure not to lose documents.
Tramway and BHNS Le Mans
Tramway and BHNS Le MansSem Transamo - E-Project EDM
The consultation and the document filing on the E-Project platform are very well planned. This allows us to work on the same documentary bases, to facilitate our communication and to be our own repository when we are facing discrepancies 

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