Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

This charter defines the principles and values that guide our company, Formi SA, on a daily basis. It applies to all employees and managers of the company in the practice of their profession.

The complete charter is available in PDF.

Respect for men and women

The well-being and respect of men and women is a priority in our company. Respecting the company and its employees means encouraging dialogue and quality of life at work. It also means ensuring that all employees are treated fairly. Any lack of respect (abuse of language, racist, discriminatory or sexual comments, inappropriate behavior) is contrary to our ethics.
– ethnic and gender diversity in the team
– equal opportunity
– punishment of harassment and discrimination
– employee training and capacity building
– compensation and benefits to compensate for work
– healthy and safe working environment, additional provisions made at the beginning of the health crisis

Respect for the environment

Environmental protection is a major global concern. It is imperative for companies and individuals to minimize their environmental footprint to preserve the world today and in the future. At Formi SA, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment at every stage of our operations:
– reduced paper and water consumption
– natural lighting
– 75% reduction in travel
– digitalization of documents for all our clients

The choice of our web host

As a cloud-based SaaS software publisher, the choice of our hosting is a crucial issue. We decided to place all our servers with OVH, a French hosting company committed to the environment. Their OVH datacenters are among the most energy efficient in the world, thanks to several sustainable and less polluting solutions.

“Being green and being part of the environment is very important for OVH” – Octave Klaba, founder of OVH