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Financial management allows you to dematerialize your financial documents and share them safely in real time. eProject allows you to manage your costs, your budgets, your administrative documents for contracts, and to visualize your situation thanks to dashboards.

eProject is the reliable, secure and confidential financial management solution for your work situations.

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What does eProject do for you?

Cost reduction

Control of expenses, reduction of financial costs, reduction of payment times for situations

Reduction of delays

Simplified and smooth financial processing of contract execution, saving time for employees

Optimization and productivity

Real-time information sharing, automatic document generation, financial control and monitoring

The eProject platform



The dematerialization of documents gathers all your documentation on a single platform. Exchange the documents necessary for your project management with the actors involved, view them online, annotate, modify, and print them if necessary. Your files can be exported in Office, OpenOffice, or AutoCad format.

Information can be easily transferred from the eProject platform to your accounting system to avoid re-entering data.

Chorus Pro integration

The use of Chorus Pro software is mandatory for public sector service providers. This system is integrated to the platform for the management of your work invoices. Thus, you can easily manage your invoices on the same platform.

Electronic invoicing for contracts concluded with the State and its subcontractors becomes simple and fast thanks to the API integration mode.

Workflows (validation processes) allow the automation of a dematerialized tasks chain. By defining the necessary approvers and approval steps, delays will be significantly reduced. This feature notifies approvers by e-mail and delivers production progress reports. This allows you to stay on schedule and mobilize the right people.

Automatic calculations

The automatic calculation according to the regulations of financial markets (Code of Public Procurement, the various CCAG, financial and accounting regulations…) allows you to remain in compliance with the standards without having to check the current indexes. They are automatically updated on the eProject platform and included in your operations.

Budgetary and forecasting management

The budget and forecast management allow you to follow the situation of your construction project, to be ahead of the game and to adapt accordingly.

You can thus efficiently follow your project, control your expenses, respect your commitments and manage your forecasts.

Data visualization

Real-time dashboards, graphs, and reports allow you to effortlessly visualize your financial situation in a personalized way. With this integrated tool, you will be able to make quick decisions by reviewing your customized key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data can be imported into software such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Other functionalities

The platform does not require any installation, since it is accessible directly on the cloud, from all systems and browsers (Windows, Mac, iPad / Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

Setting up the platform is flexible and easy, and we accompany you during this step to best suit your needs.

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