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Collaborative document management (EDM) is the central part of the BIM approach. It allows you to dematerialize all your documents and to share them in real time in a secure way and to ensure their validation by all the actors.

Forget the problems of lost documents, countless versions of the same file, endless returns by email, forgotten validation or input errors!

Document management is a module of the Common Data Environment (CDE), it works in harmony with all the modules of the eProject platform. It benefits from more than 20 years of experience of FORMI-SA in the field.

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What does eProject do for you?

Reduction of validation time

Automation of reminders, traceability of actors’ actions, listing of actions

Cost reduction

Management and distribution costs, administrative and postal costs, automation and error reduction

Quality improvement

Reduction of non-conformities, mobilization of actors, unique and updated information, reliable final implementation file

The eProject platform



The dematerialization of documents gathers all your documentation on a single platform. Exchange the documents necessary for your project management with the actors involved, view them online, annotate, modify, and print them if necessary. Your files can be exported in Office, OpenOffice, or AutoCad format.

Version management

Document version management allows you to centralize all information in a single, real-time version of the document. This feature avoids obsolete documents, duplicates, version conflicts, and allows everyone to access the most recent version of the document, while preserving previous versions if needed.
The accessible information is therefore up to date, certain, and secure in the database.

Workflows (validation processes) allow the automation of a dematerialized tasks chain. By defining the necessary approvers and approval steps, delays will be significantly reduced. This feature notifies approvers by e-mail and delivers production progress reports. This allows you to stay on schedule and mobilize the right people.

The online management and visualization of BIM models in collaborative mode is an innovation that will undoubtedly become indispensable in the years to come. From the design to the maintenance of your construction, Building Information Modelling increases the collaboration between the actors and gives you a precise overview of the project. Thanks to the integration of our partner BIM Track, you can work on the digital twin of your construction directly via eProject and manage your project from the same platform.

Other functionalities

Document settings, input help, automatic nomenclature and status are all features that save you time and reduce errors when adding and editing documents.

Moreover, the platform does not require any installation, since it is accessible directly on the cloud, from all systems and browsers (Windows, Mac, iPad / Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

Setting up the platform is flexible and easy, and we accompany you during this step to best suit your needs.

An effortless construction site management?

Formi SA Team

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