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Understand workflows

Workflows (or validation processes) allow you to automate a chain of tasks and thus simplify your document and financial management. These validation processes allow perfect traceability of documents in the circuit.

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What do workflows do for you?

Reduction of validation time

Guarantee of validation of documents, information and reminders by e-mail, identification of delays and responsibilities of actors

Productivity improvement

Management indicators, reduction of bottlenecks, elimination of recipient errors, losses, obsolete versions, oversights

The eProject platform



It is possible to set up validation circuits very simply with eProject by adding steps (in series or in parallel), approvers and validation times. Once in the circuit, the document cannot be modified, thus avoiding confusion and version collisions. You define the duration limit of the circuit to avoid any deviation in your schedule.

Notifications and reminders

The functionality includes an automatic e-mail reminder system with definition of deadlines and frequency of reminders. If the approver forgets, an email is sent to him asking him to validate again the document in the circuit. You decide the number of notifications and when they are sent.


eProject informs you of document status and notifications, whether emails have been opened, consulted, or ignored. This way, you have a better traceability of the validation circuit and can easily identify bottlenecks.

An effortless construction site management?

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