The electronic signature secures your dematerialized documents

Since 2018, dematerialization has become widespread for most B2G government contracts. While it allows for productivity gains, business control and paper reduction, dematerialization also gives rise to scam attempts. With files stored on the Cloud, new frauds have unfortunately appeared. So how can you increase the security of your dematerialized documents? Thanks to the electronic signature!

The security of documents used on a construction project is a priority for the project manager and the client. Work invoices, quotes, contracts, purchase orders, confidentiality agreements, are all in digital format on the web. Fraud may be a concern and may discourage some managers from switching to paperless management.

This is where the electronic signature comes in! It protects all documents in the cloud from fraud and scams. Each document contains a digital signature that cannot be reproduced. It is therefore worth more than a handwritten signature, which can be falsified more easily in paper format! It is also legally recognized.

Let’s see together how an electronic signature works, its different levels, which solution to choose, and why opt for e-signature ↓

What is the standard electronic signature?

The e-signature has nothing to do with a handwritten signature. It should also not be confused with a digital signature, which is a scan or a signature on a screen. The electronic signature is the result of a process starting with an email sent to the signatory. After following the link to the document, the e-signature software verifies the identity of the signer by sending an SMS code. Just type his name in the associated box, and voilà! Your document is scanned, signed, and protected against fraud by a series of numbers.

Who is using the electronic signature? Many companies have already adopted it! E-signatures are becoming more and more popular for commercial agreements, contracts, calls for tender and employee documents. Practical, fast and secure, it saves you time in your document management. eProject integrates e-signature on its platform so that you benefit from all the associated advantages:

  • Security: encrypted document
  • Cost reduction: no printing, no shipping
  • Time saving: quick and easy process, 100% online
  • Promoting exchanges and communication between stakeholders
  • Reduction of errors: only one version of the document, no need to print
  • Reduction of printing and preservation of paper
Archimag study electronic signature

E-signature has proven to be particularly effective in times of health crisis. 70% of companies have accelerated their adoption of e-signature following this crisis according to a study by Archimag. The same study reveals a positive perception of this process, which would allow 48% of companies to reduce the time needed to get multiple parties to sign. 43% of respondents also see e-signature as an opportunity to reduce paper.

Why use the electronic signature with eProject?

Our eProject collaborative EDM platform is equipped with a level 2 e-signature, which is more secure than the standard e-signature. In fact, the signatory must provide additional proof of identity during the process. Thus, eProject is in line with the General Security Reference Framework which allows “the reinforcement of users’ trust in electronic services” and guarantees an increased protection compared to the standard e-signature. If you are wondering which electronic signature to choose, level 2 is much more suitable for construction companies, generating a lot of documentation exchanged between many actors.

We understand how important it is to secure your documents in your EDM. We also understand that the digital transition must rhyme with performance and optimization. The electronic signature allows you to benefit from all these advantages and is powerful when coupled with our other tools.

If you would like to know more, feel free to request a demo with our team. We’ll be happy to help you with this and other topics!

The French State has also set up a source of information available on the website to help you in your digital transition.

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