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The technical data of your project are handled in a natural way since the conception and are used for the maintenance and the exploitation of your project.
In addition to E-Project EDM and E-Project FIM, the BIM is an information system built for the management of construction projects from the beginning until the end.


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The information system for your construction projects

Dematerialize and optimize your construction projects
  • Manage the deliveries for the Internal Services and the Exteriors Providers, from the study phase to the project delivery.

  • Garantee the exchanges, the tracking and the automatic archiving of the documents and BIM models

  • Validate the quality and the reliability of the documents for your exploitation phase.

  • Produce a reliable DOE and instantly exploitable for the maintenance.

  • Build the database of your equipments for your patrimonial management system GMAO, GTC, SSI, etc….

  • Prepare the buildings exploitation all along the construction.

  • Definition of the architecturals and technicals deliveries according to types of places and services.

  • Association of equipments with interfaces and constraints integrations

  • Creation of equipments lists with barcode identification

  • Management of the equipements models and exploitation features.

  • Automatic integration of buildings graphics with architectural layers, techniques, fluides, etc..

  • Import/export of the data in Excel format.

  • Edition des lots de fiches au format PDF, A4, A3 avec association textes et graphiques.

  • Management of the “technical views” from the same place according to the data.

  • Control of the basis of information consistency and plans.

  • E-Project allows to create the project basis of information for the maintenance and exploitation.

  • The information for the GMAO are written during the project in the database by the actors and validated by the project managers.

  • The data are exported at the end of the project towards all the types of systems of patrimonial management or GMAO.

  • E-Project interfaces with all the GMAO systems and patrimonial management.

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