Digital113: the new generation digital cluster of Occitania

What is Digital113? What exactly is it for? Why did Formi join? A look at the digital cluster in the south of France.

Formi SA, a member of DigitalPlace since its creation (2011), continues to be involved in the development of the digital industry in Occitania with the birth of Digital113. This new digital cluster in Occitania is the merger of the DigitalPlace cluster in Toulouse and FrenchSouthDigital in Montpellier.

Digital113 is the new digital pillar to help companies in their digital development and transition. It contributes to the development of the digital industry throughout the Occitania region, offering numerous services designed to promote digital transformation and exchanges between digital players.

But Digital113, what exactly is it for?

Digital113’s mission is to help companies seize all the growth levers and reach new milestones in terms of sales and access to new markets.

For large groups, the cluster facilitates innovation sourcing, digital transformation and meetings with the ecosystem. It also implements projects and collaborations that companies define collectively by sector or in a more transversal way.

It is a network of digital companies promoting synergies and cooperation between them. Digital113 brings together all the players in the economy and innovation, research laboratories, major groups, competitive clusters, training structures and universities, as well as institutional bodies, the media, investors, etc.

In other words, Digital113 offers its members 5 main advantages:

  • Network
  • Visibility
  • Growth
  • Funds
  • Training

Formi SA, a major player in the digitalization of the construction industry

Indeed, Formi SA has been the link between the two metropolises of Occitania for many years:

  • Toulouse: Stadium, B612, CHU Toulouse: Cancéropôle, SMAT, Toulouse metropole (nursery school)
  • Montpellier : TAM (L3, L4, L5), CHU Montpellier (various projects), University of Montpellier (Campus operation)

And works to bring them together:

  • ASF : A61 widening : Toulouse-Narbonne

All these construction projects have been carried out with the will to help companies in their documentary or financial management. The dematerialization that we offer to the companies is a big step forward in the digitalization of the construction sector in the Occitanie region.

Like Digital113, we accompany companies in the digital development of their projects and contribute directly to the success of various constructions like those mentioned above.

Our company is proud to be part of this new impetus around digital in the Occitanie region. This grouping giving birth to Digital113 is a godsend and a great opportunity for companies wishing to develop thanks to the different relationships offered by the digital cluster.

Our company wants to consolidate these strong ties in order to launch new construction projects together, because collaboration is a strength, as shown by our collaborative platform eProject!

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