Saint Leonard Clinic

The works of the Saint Léonard Clinic in Angers allowed the expansion of the care center as well as the renovation of the buildings to make the Clinic more modern and pleasant. The eProject GFI platform has been implemented to manage work situations.
Place Trélazé, Angers, FranceDuration 2018-2020
Sponsor AIA Life DesignersAmount  13 millions d’euros


The Saint Leonard Clinic Project includes the improvement of the clinic and its extension of 3000 m², on 4 floors. The design has been carefully considered to make the interior modern and pleasant for the patients. The will of the clinic’s management is to take care of the patients efficiently without making them feel like they are in the hospital. The design of the structure will allow for better patient care and stress reduction, as well as the possibility of having more specialties in the care center. The number of beds has also been increased threefold, allowing more patients from the Loire region to be accommodated.

Solution: eProject FIM

Implementation of a work situation management system. The service includes the implementation of the platform with the parameterization of the specificities of the market as well as the maintenance of the solution until the validation of the DGD by the company and the project manager.