Formi SA, a member of DigitalPlace since its creation (2011), continues to be involved in the development of the digital industry in Occitania with the birth of Digital113. This new digital cluster in Occitania is the merger of the DigitalPlace cluster in Toulouse and FrenchSouthDigital in Montpellier.

In this collaborative atmosphere, Formi SA is pleased to participate in the Audois BIM event by reference: “La journée BIM de Carcassonne”.

Formi SA, a major player in the digitalization of the construction industry

Formi SA, thanks to its eProject platform, has been participating in the infrastructure development of Occitania for many years. We accompany many projects in Toulouse, Montpellier, and in the region in general. (Toulouse Stadium, Aerospace, Blagnac Airport, Tramway, University Hospital and University of Montpellier, widening of the A61…).

All these construction projects have been carried out with the will to help companies in their document and financial management and their digital transition. The dematerialization that the eProject platform offers to companies is a big step forward in the digitalization of the construction sector in the Occitania region.

For the BIM day in Carcassonne, our company will be able to demonstrate concrete examples of BIM integration in construction projects. As a reminder, BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a working method centered around a collaborative digital model of the project. BIM is a digital innovation that is becoming increasingly popular in the building industry and allows for better collaboration between project stakeholders.

Our company is proud to be part of this new momentum around digital and digital in the Occitania region. It is a great opportunity for companies wishing to develop thanks to the different relationships offered by this type of event.

Formi SA wants to consolidate these strong ties, so that we can launch new construction projects together. Collaboration is a strength, just like our collaborative platform eProject!

Dominique Caradant, Technical Manager and Director of Formi SA

But “Carcassonne BIM Day”, what exactly is it for?

Taking an interest in Construction in 2019 means projecting your activity into the future and feeling fully involved in a sector in which your profession is meaningful: from project management to project management, from the construction company to the design office. It also means anticipating the technological changes in your sector of activity to remain competitive.

During this 1st edition dedicated to the digital transition of the building industry, you will meet all the actors and experts of the digital innovation applied to the Construction. You will discuss concrete tools for design, construction and maintenance: 3D modeling, BIM, digital tools… During this day, you will draw, all together, the future face of a sector in full mutation. You will also find answers to your daily reflections: How to apprehend the markets of tomorrow? What will be the benefits for my structure? What are my real needs? New tools and pilot operations, training and talent, industry leaders and support organizations will offer you a first step towards this transition.