Construction of the Terenez Bridge

The General Council of Finistère has trusted eProject for the construction of the new Terenez bridge, symbol of the department. This bridge, a real technical feat, is the first curved cable-stayed bridge in France and has been awarded several times.
Place Finistère, FranceDuration 2007-2011
Project Manager Conseil général du FinistèreAmount 35M euros


The bridge of Terenez allows to link the peninsula of Crozon and to avoid a detour of 50km. The first bridge was built in 1913, destroyed in 1944, then rebuilt in 1952. In 2007, the project of building a new bridge, curved to ease the traffic. This bridge is the first curved cable-stayed bridge in France, measuring 515m. It was awarded the World Infrastructure Award in 2013 and the prize for the most beautiful work of art by the International Federation of Concrete. The bridge has become an emblem of the department, which can be admired from two viewpoints!

Solution: eProject EDM

eProject has been implemented to assist the project owner and improve the overall coordination of the project. The system guarantees the quality and traceability of exchanges, improves document validation processes and provides a history for future project maintenance. The platform has made it possible to manage document exchanges between the various subcontractors who worked on the reconstruction project.