Grand Port Maritime de la Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes has entrusted eProject GFI with the financial management of its development works of the Grand Port, aiming in particular at receiving more container ships to increase its international competitiveness.

Place Pointe-à-Pitre, GuadeloupeDuration September 2016
Project Manager Guadeloupe Port CaraïbesAmount 87 millions euros


The Grand Port of Guadeloupe welcomes a wide variety of traffics: goods, containers, passengers, cruise ships. The port is an economic booster for the island, since almost all of its turnover is reinjected into the local economy. The project concerns the extension of the part of the port responsible for receiving container ships. The entrance channel will be developed through dredging operations (channel, right of way for the enclosing dikes, turning circle) and modification of the buoyage. The development of the terminal will enable the port to receive more and larger ships, strengthening its competitiveness on the international scene. The project is part of an environmental approach and respects marine biodiversity.

Solutions: eProject FMI

Implementation of the financial management system to assist the Grand Port Maritime de la Guadeloupe in the follow-up of the financial execution of their public contracts (works, current supplies and services).


The use of the eProject FIM application has allowed us to cover a certain number of our needs in terms of public procurement, and not the least:

Securing the financial execution (compliance with the regulations in force),

Confirmation of the accuracy of the liquidation calculations to both the authorizing officer and the public accountant,

Facilitating effective dialogue with management departments (collaborative aspect),

Dematerialization of down payment statements,

Formal identification of workflows and reduction of internal approval times thanks to reminder emails and internal dating,

Centralization and sharing of information in real time.

The reactivity of the support despite the distance and the time difference is to be underlined. 

JP-P, Financial Manager, Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes