The 5 advantages of the Cloud in construction management

Discover the benefits of cloud hosting for your document and financial management platform.

Everyone knows about the cloud. It is a technology that has quickly become the most popular means of data storage in recent years. But what are its various advantages in the management of construction projects? And above all, what are the gains that the Cloud can bring compared to a traditional construction management? Let’s see it together in this article.

Construction management can be a real pain in the ass: lost documents, lack of information and collaboration between departments, and incompatibility between the different software used. The Cloud is the ideal technology to solve all these problems!

1 | A secure external server at a hosting company

To talk a little technical (sorry it’s mandatory), you have to know that the Cloud is roughly a secure server at a hosting company. That is to say that the data is stored in files that are totally protected by appropriate firewalls.

Security is something of the utmost importance and the servers are armed to protect your data from all dangers. It is very important to ensure the security of the various documents of your construction project, including invoices and payments linked for example with interfaces such as Chorus Pro. The Cloud allows a remote storage of all your files and are automatically protected by the host. There is therefore no need to worry as this type of host is specialized in the backup and protection of your data.

To conclude on the notion of cloud security, it is important to know that all data is only accessible to authorized persons. This allows you to manage the access rights of the actors to the different documents of your project. Each user with a unique identifier and password can access, consult, modify or send according to their status and the authorizations linked to them.

2 | Easy access via cross-platform browser

The reason for the success of the Cloud is mainly due to its ease of access. It is possible to view all your data from multiple devices. By computer obviously, but also by tablet and smartphone. With one of these platforms, access to the Cloud is done directly and simply via your Internet browser.

It is then possible to optimize the management of your construction project by facilitating access to the required information. When you travel, for example, the Cloud shows a real advantage and convenience.

The connection to the Cloud server is usually very fast. Without installing any particular software, you just have to open your browser, connect to your personal space and you can immediately access all your data in order to manage your project without wasting your time.

3 | Dematerialization of permanently saved data

The dematerialization of exchanges and procedures is currently part of a real “digital revolution”, which it would be a shame to miss. For everything that concerns the management of invoices for work or various documents that intervene during a construction site, dematerialization is a real turn to be made in order to save time and money. Indeed, you can find all your documents saved and updated in real time when another user modifies or adds new elements on the server.

In addition to allowing the dematerialization of documents, the Cloud allows you to keep the information on the server so that it can be accessed at any time from any of your devices and browsers. A simple internet connection is all you need to access your project documents.

4 | Real-time collaborative platform

One of the first interests of a collaborative platform is to offer a storage space. Indeed, it allows all the participants of a project to deposit or retrieve one or several files at any time from any terminal having access to the Internet.

This data is transferred to the cloud and updated in real time. Thus, teams save precious time by avoiding endless round-trips. This is an undeniable time and productivity saver that allows the company to make savings.

5 | Manage your projects on the Cloud

All of the above benefits allow for complete, simple and secure construction project management centralized in the cloud. In fact, you can organize everything you need to complete your construction projects from one place.

The cloud makes project management easier, that’s a given. And this is especially true in the construction sector! The Cloud model makes it easier to collaborate with the many players in a construction project (internal to the project, intermediaries, suppliers, etc.). In order to manage the huge flow of documents (invoices, estimates, budgets, drawings or even photos), the Cloud provides a general anchor and simplifies information sharing. All the people involved in the project can then work in total coordination.

The numerous tools, added to the power of the Cloud, offer the possibility to optimize the whole construction project in order to obtain a complete, flexible and simple management.

What’s up? Are you now convinced by the Cloud? If so, you can manage your construction projects with our collaborative platform eProject which, you guessed it, is accessible on the Cloud. Specialized in the field of construction, this solution allows the dematerialization of documents (EDM) and work invoices, in addition to more advanced financial management (FIM). Deployment and implementation requires little time and can save you money.

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