Construction of the Brest cable car

In 2016, the city of Brest launched the first cable car project in an urban area, becoming the forerunner of many urban transport projects that would flourish in France thereafter. The eProject solution was implemented on a design/build contract involving co-contractors and subcontractors.
Place Brest, FranceDuration 2016-2018
Project Manager Brest Métropole AménagementAmount 19M euros


The Brest cable car is the first cable car project in an urban area used to open up an entire neighborhood bordering the Penfeld River. The Capucins eco-district, which is only accessible from the west, now has cabins that allow it to cross the river in 3 minutes and reach the old town of Brest. This project, which is fully integrated into the dynamic development of public transport in the Breton city, will ease the traffic on the two bridges over the Penfeld, which are very congested at peak times. The objective of 675,000 users per year has been largely exceeded since in 2018, 800,000 passengers used one of the two cabins, each of which can carry 60 people.

This urban cable car project paved the way for other projects in many cities in France. A precursor that was very successful and allowed the optimization of Brest’s transportation networks.

Solution: eProject FIM

eProject FIM has been implemented as a financial management system for the realization of the Brest cable car. This is a design and build contract involving co-contractors (Grouping) and subcontractors.


The implementation did not pose any particular problem. The software is ergonomic, lively and practical to use. The centralization of invoicing allows dematerialization and limits paper