Renovation of the Institut Curie

In 2016, the Curie Institute launched a major project to build and renovate its infrastructures located in Paris, Saint Cloud, and Orsay. The GFI eProject platform allows the management of technical data and financial management of this €180 million project. The business modules around the Autocad plans and the management of reserves (120 000 reserves) were also used on this project.
Place Paris, FranceDuration 2016-2020
Project manager Institut CurieAmount 180M euros


The “Clinique Universitaire du Cancer” is a specific multi-partner hospital that brings together institutions and players in public and private cancer research to share innovative tools and methods of care in the fight against cancer. It was founded in 1909 by Marie Curie, is divided into three sites, Paris, Saint-Cloud, and Orsay, and brings together 3,400 researchers, doctors and caregivers. A project to build and renovate its aging buildings in a dense urban environment, named MC21 (Marie Curie in the 21st century), was launched in 2016 and envisioned by architects Art & Build and A26. Among the operations, a new 16,000m2 site will be built and the existing 19,000m2 building will be renovated.

Solution: eProject FIM

As part of the construction of the University Cancer Clinic, a Technical Data Management and Financial Management platform fully accessible via the Internet has been set up. The tool for administrative and financial monitoring of contracts has been set up for the operations of the Paris Central Block, the St Cloud extension and renovation, and the Orsay research unit.

The business modules around the Autocad plans were used on this project. The reserve management module was also implemented and allowed to manage more than 120 000 reserves.