Germaine Tillon School Group

The Germaine Tillon school group will be composed of a kindergarten of 8 classes and an elementary school of 10 classes. The eProject GFI platform is used with the accounting software to avoid double entry, the price revision and advance options are real added values.
Place Toulouse, FranceDuration 2018
Project manager Mairie de Toulouse / Toulouse MétropoleAmount 7M euros


Formi SA participates in this project of construction of a new school group Germaine Tillon. The complex is composed of a nursery school with 8 classes and an elementary school with 10 classes, extracurricular activities, school restaurants, and a shared activity center that will include the library and the premises for the Clae. Two tree-lined courtyards will be equipped with various games and landscaped courtyards. This project is led by the City of Toulouse to revitalize the Pradettes district located in the southwest of the city.

Solution: eProject FIM

The use of eProject FIM on the school project in harmony with the accounting software has solved the problem of double entry, the options of price revision and advances are real added values.