TAM – Tramway of Montpellier

Various projects for the development and extension of the different tramway lines in Montpellier, with the help of eProject EDM and FIM.

Place Montpellier, FranceDuration 2012-2019
Project Manager TAMAmount Diverse


  • Completion of Line 4 (from the AVP phase to the end of the completion guarantee period)
  • Work on Line 3 (60 000 euros)
  • North and West Extension Line 5 (110 000 euros)
  • Line 1 extension: extended by 1.5 km from Odysseum to the Montpellier Sud de France multimodal interchange, which will serve the new TGV station (40M euros)

Solution : eProject EDM & eProject FIM

eProject EDM and FIM have been implemented for the management of contracts and work situations.

Line 4: The TAM wanted to set up a collaborative platform to exchange the technical documentation of the project between the different actors of the operation: companies, project manager, technical controller, local authorities, concessionaires, State services. A budget monitoring tool has also been set up.

Line 3, Line 5, and the completion of Line 4: The TAM wanted to set up an electronic service for monitoring and managing the financial and operational aspects of all contracts awarded (studies, works, services, etc.) on a secure platform accessible via the Internet until the approval of the general and final accounts (DGD). This service is intended for all parties involved in the operation (project owner, delegated project owner, project managers, companies).

On line 3, 166 contracts were managed on the platform. On Line 5, implementation and maintenance of the Information System


eProject is easy to use with a pleasant and user-friendly environment; the waiting time for filing and/or downloading documents is fast. The Formi team is very reactive in case of malfunction.

L.P. – TAM

Formi SA has a very responsive team, with software that follows the regulations of the public procurement code very well. I would find it difficult to do without the eProject platform for the management of my future projects. 

A.R. – TAM