Egis Semtram – Brest tramway

Brest tramway construction project with the help of eProject GFI.

Place Brest, FranceDuration Début fin 2009
Product Manager Egis SEMTRAMAmount About 300 millions euros


Construction of the first East-West line of the Brest Métropole Océane tramway with a length of 14.3 km; construction of the depot, tramway line, recovery bridge. Line E: 54 contracts – Line B extension: 16 contracts

Solution : eProject FIM

  • Establishment of the statements of account, transmissions to the Project Manager, then to the Awarding Entity
  • Management of the visas necessary for their payment
  • This system allows each participant to follow the traceability of the document in the chain of verifications and to shorten the settlement time


The software is ergonomic, lively and practical to use. It allowed us to centralize all the invoicing in order to dematerialize as much as possible and to limit the use of paper.

Brest tramway