VINCI – Pumped-storage power station

70 km from Agadir in Morocco, in a mountainous area, a large earthworks and construction project led by VINCI will allow the construction of a hydraulic energy station. This project is part of the development of renewable energies in Morocco and contributes to the country's energy independence.
Place Abdelmoumen, MarocDuration 2019-2026
Product Manager VINCI Construction Grands ProjetsAmount
Details of the operation


This project is part of the development of renewable energy in Morocco. A plant containing reversible pump-turbines below water reservoirs will produce energy on demand according to the energy needs of the Moroccan electrical network. This project will mobilize local workers about 70km from Agadir and will contribute greatly to the country’s energy independence.

Solution: eProject EDM

Implementation of a collaborative platform of document management for the realization of the water dam and the infrastructure necessary for the energy transfer.

eProject allows the exchange of construction site documents and its hybrid infrastructure (cloud/local) to overcome the low internet speed available on the site.