Loire Atlantique Numérique

The department wishes to reduce inequalities in the use of digital technology among citizens and provide access to broadband for all. Loire Atlantique Numérique uses eProject EDM to ensure optimal management of deliverables.
Place Loire, FranceDuration 2017-2021
Project Manager Régie Loire Atlantique NumériqueAmount 108M euros
Details of the project


The Loire Atlantique department has decided to connect its entire territory to the fiber. Formi SA supports it from the design, the realization, the operation and the maintenance of the Very High Speed network in the region.

The department wishes to reduce inequalities in digital use among citizens and provide access to very high-speed Internet for all. The project consists of creating spaces and fitting out premises to encourage digital use, equipping secondary schools with digital tools and creating a digital use laboratory for secondary school students and teachers.

The Loire-Atlantique department (44) should be fully covered by 2021. This objective will be achieved thanks to the efforts of national commercial operators who are deploying fiber in dense areas and local authorities who have organized themselves to offer very high speed broadband throughout the territory. 

Solutions: eProject EDM

Within the framework of the CREM contract, Loire-Atlantique Numérique and its service providers exchange numerous documents and data of different kinds (deliverables) on a daily basis, including the documents that make up the Dossier des ouvrages exécutés.

In order to effectively manage the services provided and ensure optimal management of deliverables, Loire-Atlantique Numérique wanted to have a web application, necessarily in SaaS mode, for collaborative document management, and chose eProject EDM.

Loire-Atlantique Numérique also uses eProject FIM as a technical-financial management solution adapted to its context and in particular to the CREM market which consists of a firm tranche and three conditional tranches (2000 service orders estimated during the construction phase of the network).

eProject GFI reinforces the action of the accounting tool with the following characteristics – Dematerialized processing of the financial execution of public contracts, in a secure manner and in compliance with the rules defined for public purchasing. – Simplification and improvement of exchanges between Loire-Atlantique Numérique and the contract holder – Facilitating the dematerialization and traceability of financial management processes, particularly with electronic invoicing – Optimization of archiving