Our Formi SA website has a new look!

We are happy and proud to announce the arrival of our new website formi.com!

We let you discover in this article the reasons of this change, the new headings and functionalities, then discover by yourself directly on the site!

Why this new website?

This redesign follows several weeks of work on both the content and the form to offer you a better browsing experience. Indeed, the formi.com website, although still functional, was no longer up to date on the latest features of the eProject platform.

As for the content, we would like to offer you more content and resources to help you in your site management. The solutions have been updated to better describe the features of our platform. You will be informed of every change and improvement on the homepage, but also thanks to our brand new newsletter; just subscribe at the bottom of this page ↓

In addition, we are committed to creating a community around our eProject solution and facilitating exchanges between professionals in the construction sector. To do this, we have created a private space, the eProject User Club, to allow you to discuss, exchange your knowledge and opinions, as well as propose improvements, thanks to a forum and a roadmap.

As for the form, the design of the site has been completely revised to facilitate your navigation and improve your experience. New logos for Formi and eProject, new graphic charter, new structure, the site has a new look!

Rather than describe it to you in dozens of words, we’ll let you discover it for yourself. You can for example start your navigation here.

New sections?

We have not changed all the content of the old website, which was still functional, but we have added some bonuses for you!

First of all, the Formi SA blog. Although already present on the previous site, the blog will now be updated monthly, with articles on the company’s news (like this one!), advice for your site management, news on dematerialization and document and financial management software, or even building news.

Next, the resources on the blog have been updated and new ones will be published regularly. We will offer you more customer case studies, white papers and product presentations. We are also working on setting up webinars, but we will tell you more in due course…

Finally, we mentioned above, the implementation of the User Club with a discussion forum to exchange on common issues, FAQs to ask your questions to the team and other users, a roadmap to submit proposals for improvement and give us feedback so that we can always improve. But that’s not all! Users of the Users Club, customers of Formi SA, will have access to premium content, such as white papers or training webinars.

An article will be published soon to explain the ins and outs of this Club and give you more details. 

New eProject features ?

As for the eProject platform, we also have some changes in store for you. You can discover the different solutions of our work management software here [solutions]. eProject still helps you with your document management (EDM) and your financial management (GFI), but also develops the analytical follow-up and the visualization of your data (with the power of Power BI), as well as the integration to the collaborative BIM platform.

The company’s latest innovation is the creation of a form editing module and a new associated mobile application, to intervene and follow your project wherever you are.

You will be able to find the progress of the modifications of the platform in our news and on the User Club, if you are a customer, in preview.

You can always contact us by e-mail or by phone for any question or request a demonstration of the eProject platform.

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