The Syndicat Mixte des Transports Urbains de Pau Porte des Pyrénées has decided to use eProject GED and GFI for the document and financial management of its first BRT line. The project is a world first! The buses will run on hydrogen.

Place Pau, FranceDuration 2016-2021
Project manager Syndicat Mixte des Transports UrbainsAmount About 78M euros


The SMTU ≪ Pau Porte des Pyrénées ≫ is committed, in association with the City of Pau, the Communauté d’Agglomération Pau-Pyrénées and the other municipalities and EPCIs of the Greater Pau area, to a policy of sustainable urban mobility for a renewed and revitalized city. This project is a world first.

To this end, the SMTU has decided to build a first High Service Level Bus line, named Fébus (in reference to Gaston Fébus, who proclaimed the independence of Bearn). These new 18-meter long hydrogen-powered buses are part of an ecological approach. In addition to not rejecting CO2, the Fébus station produces oxygen (2 tons per day!). The Fébus line currently runs from the hospital to the SNCF train station, on a 17-minute route, mostly on dedicated tracks.

Solutions: eProject EDM & FIM

The eProject EDM and eProject FIM tools were made available to the HLSB (high level service buses)  of Pau for the documentary and financial management of their tramway project. Monitoring of contracts (works, supplies and intellectual services) related to the operation and financial monitoring.