Vendée Numérique

Vendée Numérique
The Vendée department wishes to make the territory 100% connected to Very High Speed and fiber by 2023. Divided into two phases, the first for the complete reconstruction of existing telecom networks and the second for the deployment of fiber optics, this ambitious project aims to boost the department, which until now has had very little connection to fiber. eProject GFI has been deployed to manage the market's OS on a single interface.
Place Vendée, FranceDuration 2017-2023
Project Manager Vendée NumériqueAmount 100M euros


Vendée Numérique is responsible for the deployment of high and very high speed networks in the department, in line with the department’s responsibility for digital development of the territory. Since its creation, Vendée Numérique has been developing numerous projects with the ultimate goal of connecting all the people of Vendée to fiber optics in the medium and long term.

Between 2017 and 2020, the project focuses on the construction of the backbone of the Very High Speed network, since almost no infrastructure existed before. This operation requires the complete reconstruction of the existing telecom networks in order to connect individuals, companies and public institutions to the fiber.

Starting in 2020, Vendée Numérique will continue the deployment of the fiber optic network to make the Department 100% connected to very high speed fiber.

Solution: eProject FM

With a design phase and a realization phase: execution studies and works on 11 geographical sectors; eProject FM makes it possible to manage all the OS on the market on a single platform.