SIPPEREC – Electrical distribution

The Syndicat intercommunal de la périphérie de Paris pour les énergies et les réseaux de communication uses eProject FIM for the financial management of its public electricity distribution infrastructure development projects.
Place Paris, FranceDuration
Project Manager SIPPEREC (intercommunal union on the outskirts of Paris for energy and communication networks)Amount


SIPPEREC, created in 1924, has the mission to manage the distribution of electricity in several municipalities on the outskirts of Paris, but also deals with the distribution of communications networks, renewable energy, or public lighting. The syndicate uses our eProject platform for the construction of public electricity distribution infrastructures.

Solution: eProject FIM

The SIPPEREC (Syndicat intercommunal de la périphérie de Paris pour les énergies et les réseaux de communication) wanted :

  • ensure the dematerialization of 100% of the proposals for payment of the lump sum advance to the general and final account, give access to the processing of the situations to the economic operators (work companies for seizure of the quantities carried out and control by the project manager)
  • accelerate the processing time of situations in compliance with the regulations,
  • simplify circuits and make data transfer more reliable,
  • optimize processing time and reduce costs related to the management of situations.

For this purpose, the eProject GFI platform has been set up. A breakdown of the situations is established by type of network to break down the amounts by source of financing.